Does Tanda support Single-Sign on (SSO)?

Yes, if you support an OpenID compliant iDP - we have the technical capability to support SSO as a means of authentication for you. Tanda provides SSO integration via Auth0, a universal authentication platform.
By default, Tanda supports Google SSO

How are passwords stored?

Tanda enforces a password complexity standard and credentials are stored using a PBKDF function (bcrypt) with a salt. This makes sure that if we are breached, if two users have the same password, the stored hash will be different.

What is the Permission model for Tanda?

Tanda uses Role Based Access Controls to ensure customers can only view data they are authorized to view. A customer from Organization A cannot view data from Organization B. Similarly, a staff member is not authorized to view things (such as staff salary), when a manager can.

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