Setup SSO: SAML 2.0 (Okta Example)
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Tanda is listed on the Okta Marketplace, you can quickly setup Tanda by setting up Tanda there:

Tanda does support SAML2.0. This means if the organisation is to set their account to SSO only (in the settings detailed below), Tanda will make them sign in with SSO when they enter in their email address to the /login page. They will not have passwords stored in Tanda at all.

Mobile Tip: When logging in to the mobile app, you must setup a second Tanda application in the IdP. It should be exactly the same but at the end of the URL add `?after_action=mobile`. This will open and log the user in to the mobile app if they use this login option on their mobile device.

Navigate to the applications tab in Okta

Select create new app

Choose web and saml2.0

Name the application Tanda (or what makes sense for your staff) and optionally upload the Tanda logo from below

Click next and enter in the single sign in url as: add the audience URI as ““ (note this is http not https).

Click next and select ‘I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app’

Select finish and you’ll be redirected to a page that is called settings and has instructions to setup saml2.0

Select View Setup Instructions, this will give you the details to enter into Tanda. Download the certificate instead of copy and pasting it.

Open Tanda, go to settings (hover over your initials or display picture in the top right corner) then select integrations. Then navigate to Single Sign On. Or go to this URL:

Enter in your details to Tanda:

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