If you're an admin, you can view Tanda as your employees would.

This is useful for a couple of tasks. Firstly, you can see smaller amounts of data, such as a single location. Helpful if you oversee a very large account. And if you want to ensure that an employee cannot see information they shouldn't, such as a manager not seeing their co-workers' pay.

To do this, simply navigate to your user profile in the top right corner of Tanda, and click 'See Tanda as' under the drop-down menu.

Then, find and click on the user you want to view Tanda as.

When you're finished,  click the log out button located in the grey header, 

or click on the icon again and stop the impersonation from there.

Note: Please keep in mind that any action you take while using this feature will be recorded as if you yourself made the action. So any roster edits or timesheet changes will come up under your name.


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