Pay Cycles are used to assign your pay period in Tanda. In other words, the start day and length of your timesheets.

This guide is relevant to understanding:

  • How to change your pay cycle

  • How to create more than one pay cycle

How to create a new pay cycle

The below uses the hypothetical example of how to change the start day of timesheets by assigning employees to a new pay cycle:

Old (current) Pay Cycle

New Pay Cycle

Period Start Day



Pay period start date

Monday 1st March

Friday 5th March

To edit pay cycles, navigate Settings > All Settings > Timesheet > Manage Pay Periods

Once the pay cycle has been created, you can now assign it to employees on their profile or using the bulk tagging tool.

(Tip: 'Pay Cycle for next clock in' will only appear on profiles if your account has more than one pay cycle configured.)

Once assigned to an employee you will see the pay cycle as an independent set of timesheets:

When the new pay cycle applies

When assigning employees to a new pay cycle, Tanda will start adding clock-ins to the new pay cycle from either:

1) If you entered a pay cycle start date for a future date, on the pay cycle start date, or,
2) If the pay cycle start date is in the past, from the point in time that the employee is added to the new pay cycle

If there is overlap between the old and the new pay cycle:

The old pay cycle will be cut sort at the start date of the new pay cycle. This means you would export the timesheets for your old pay cycle separately to the timesheets for the new pay cycle.

Deleting a pay cycle

To delete a pay cycle, head back to Pay Cycle Settings.  Tip: the delete button will only appear for pay cycles with no employees assigned, and no timesheets that use this pay cycle. For pay cycles with existing timesheets, use turn off 'Visibility in Tanda' to remove visibility in your account.

FAQ and troubleshooting

If an employee hasn't changed over to the new pay cycle

Tanda allocates all times recorded to the new pay cycle only after the first clock-in occurs after the pay cycle start date. Until a clock-in is recorded, all other times will continue to be entered on the prior pay cycle (e.g. break start/end and clock-out's will enter on the old pay cycle until a clock-in is recorded).

What pay cycle frequencies does Tanda support?

Currently, we support Pay Cycle frequencies - Weekly, Fortnightly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly.

Why doesn't the semi-monthly option align with the calendar month?

To align a semi-monthly pay period with calendar months, pick the 1st of a month as the pay period start date. Tanda will count 15 days from the start date as the end of the first pay period, and then take the last date of the month as the end date.

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