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Transitioning staff to another company file for STP purposes
Transitioning staff to another company file for STP purposes

Ensure staff are set up to send to STP correctly after changing to another Company File within the same Tanda Payroll Account

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When will I need to follow these steps?

This article is only applicable if updating a staff member's default payroll team will result in them being allocated to another Tanda Payroll entity. If you're unsure, compare the current and prospective Default Payroll teams with the locations allocated in your Reporting Details settings or review the example at the bottom of this article.

Changing staff over to a new Company File

If this change would result in the employee being allocated to a new entity, their current profile should be deactivated and a new profile set up for them. This is to ensure the staff member has the correct amount of income statements at EOFY, and that the YTD figures sent during STP submission are correct.

If you'd like to re-onboard this staff member, follow the steps in our Send an Employee Onboarding Invitation help article. Alternatively, you can add a new profile manually through "Workforce > Staff > Add New Staff > Manually", and input their Workforce Management and Payroll information through their profile.

Deactivated staff are still kept on Tanda's record for the legally required amount of time

Updating staff to the same Company File

If staff are being updated to the same company file, nothing will have to be updated, so the same profile can be kept.

Additionally, if there is only one Company in your list of Reporting Details, these steps can be ignored.


An employee is currently in Location 1, and is permanently switching to Location 2. Both locations belong to a different Tanda Payroll entity, which have been set up in the Report Details settings:

Location 1:

Location 2:

The change to the default payroll team has been made in the employee's profile here:

This employee will therefore have to be deactivated, and a new profile created.

If this employee's Default Payroll Team were to switch from the "Operations" to the "Team x" teams, the profile for this employee will not have to be deactivated.

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