Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) POS Integration

How to integrate Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) and link it with Tanda

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Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system which can be integrated with your Tanda account to feed in your POS data to track sales; create costed rosters against forecasts; and report on wages vs revenue.

About Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series)

Connecting your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) allows you to import sales data per 'business location' or 'accounting group'. The data enables you to do the following within Tanda:

  • compare projected and generated revenue against rosters and timesheet costs

  • build future rosters based on historical revenue data (forecasts)

In order to integrate with Tanda, you will need to have an existing Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) account.

Connect your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) account to Tanda

To connect your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) account:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > POS Integrations

  2. Click on + New POS Integration in the upper right corner

  3. Search and select Lightspeed

  4. Click Connect to Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) button

  5. Sign in to your Lightspeed account or re-authorise the integration

After logging in, you will land on the Edit Lightspeed K Series Integration page:

Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) will now start to send sales (total net amount without tax) to Tanda where it can be utilised on the following Tanda features:

Configure your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) integration

Once connected, you can configure the integration with the following options (see below for detailed explanations):

Include sales tax when importing revenue

When checked, this will result in sales data being pulled in to be in their gross amount with tax. If left unchecked, the sales data will be the net amount without tax.

How do you want to group your data?

This configuration option allows you to choose to group your sales by Business Locations or Accounting Groups:

  • By Accounting Groups: A data stream will be created for each Accounting Group in your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) account.

  • By Business Locations: A data stream will be created for each Business Location in your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) account.

To finish configuring the integration, select the green Save button to apply your changes:

Once saved, Tanda will create data streams and start syncing your sales data based on your configuration.

Change how your sales data is grouped

Once your integration has been configured for how sales data should be grouped, the option to change it will be greyed out:

To change how your sales data is grouped, you will need to delete the integration and then re-connect.

Important: Deleting the integration will delete the existing data streams. However , once the integration is re-connected, new data streams will be created and sales data for the past 6 months will be synced.

To disconnect the integration head to Settings > Integrations > POS Integrations and click the Edit Integration button:

Once the page has loaded click the Disconnect button to disconnect the integration

You will then need to click the Edit Integration button again and click the Delete Integration button.

From there you can re-connect your integration as explained earlier.

Connect your data streams

Within 24 hours of having your Tanda account integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series), a data stream will be created per Business Location or per Accounting Group depending on your configuration.

You will want to make sure every data stream is connected to the right location within Tanda. To do this go to Settings > Integrations > Manage Data Streams > select data stream.

A window will open containing a drop-down menu, where you can configure which teams and locations your location or groups relate to in Tanda.

Choose "Sales" as your stat type as you create your joins. More detail on this can be found here.

Make sure to select the Save Changes button. Review all data streams currently available and configure accordingly.

iKentoo Users

Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) was previously 'iKentoo'. For users who have previously integrated with iKentoo, the same login details can be used to authorise the Tanda integration.

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