MA000009: Hospitality Industry (General) Award Managed Template - Junior to Adult Higher Duties Now Automated
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Improvements have been made to the MA000009: Hospitality Industry (General) Award (HIGA) Managed Template in Tanda. Please see the below details.

Junior to Adult Higher Duties Now Automated

The Tanda HIGA Managed Award Template now automates the higher duty jumps for a junior to the adult hourly rate for instances where a junior employee works in a role serving liquor per clause 13.5 of the Award:

13. Junior employees

13.5 Junior employees working as liquor service employees must be paid as an adult in accordance with Table 3—Minimum rates at the classification rate for the work being performed.

Setting Up a Junior to Adult Higher Duty Jump

To set up a junior rate to adult rate higher duty jump navigate to Time & Attendance > Compliance > click Manage against the Hospitality Industry Managed Award Template:

Then navigate to the Higher Duties settings and click Edit:

The below screen will then display:

Click the + Add Higher Duties Jump and in the From Level drop-down choose the level of the junior employee you wish to create the jump for:

In the To Level drop-down, you will need to select one of the base hourly rates that are configured specifically to apply the adult rate to a junior.

For example, Level 1 - Adult:

Once the From Level and To Level have been configured click Save:

The higher duties tag will then auto-save to the profile of a junior employee that has been classified with the From Level.

For example, Level 1:

For a full list of the adult base hourly rates available to configure specifically for junior to adult higher duty jumps see here.

Application of a Junior to Adult Higher Duty Jump in Timesheets

Once the required junior to adult jumps have been configured using the steps outlined above, the higher duty rate can then be applied to the employee's timesheet.

There are two options for applying the adult higher duty rate to the junior employee's timesheet. Please see below for further details.

Option 1 - Apply via Shift Tag in the Timesheet

When a junior employee works in a role serving liquor, select the applicable higher duties jump shift tag from the Select Tag drop-down:

Once applied, this then will pay the employee at the adult rate for this entire shift:

Before the application of the higher duties shift tag -

After the application of the higher duties shift tag -

Option 2 - Automate via Teams

The application of the adult rate can be automated by associating the higher duties shift tag with a team.

For example, if all employees that work in the 'Bar' team serves liquor and should be paid at the Level 2 adult rate as a result, the 'Level 2 - Adult Higher Duties' shift tag can be associated with the 'Bar' team.

To do this, navigate to Workforce > Teams > click the pencil icon next to the applicable team:

Then click Show advanced options...

Scroll until the Associated Tags field and select the relevant higher duties shift tag from the drop-down. Then click Update Team Details at the bottom of the screen.

Then when the employee works in the team with the associated higher duties shift tag, the higher duties rate will automatically apply to the timesheet:

The higher duties shift tag must also be saved to the Pay Conditions tab of the employee profile for automated higher duties via associated tags to work.

List of Adult Base Hourly Rates

The below base hourly rates are to be used to configure the To Level when creating a junior to adult higher duty jump as outlined above:

  • Introductory - Adult

  • Level 1 - Adult

  • Level 2 - Adult

  • Level 3 - Adult

  • Level 4 - Adult

  • Level 5 - Adult

  • Level 6 - Adult

  • Office Introductory - Adult

  • Office Level 1 - Adult

  • Office Level 2 - Adult

  • Office Level 3 - Adult

  • Office Level 4 - Adult

  • Office Level 5 - Adult

  • Office Level 6 - Adult

  • Casino Introductory - Adult

  • Casino Level 1 - Adult

  • Casino Level 2 - Adult

  • Casino Level 3 - Adult

  • Casino Level 3A - Adult

  • Casino Level 4 - Adult

  • Casino Level 5 - Adult

  • Casino Level 6 - Adult

What about higher duty jumps between junior rates?

Higher duty jumps from one level to another at the junior age rate are still configurable in the HIGA Award Template.

To configure a higher duties jump such as this, utilise the standard level base rate tags rather than the 'Adult' specific ones.

For example, the below employee is 18 years old:

To configure a higher duties jump from Level 1 18 years to Level 2 18 years, navigate to the Managed Award Template settings as outlined above and click Edit against the Higher Duties settings so that you are now viewing the below page:

Instead of using the 'Adult' levels that have been configured to a junior to adult jump, use the standard levels.

For Level 1 18 years to Level 2 18 years higher duty jump, the below tags would be selected:

Then the 'Level 2 Higher Duties' tag will be created and autosaved to the applicable employees' profiles:

Then when this shift tag is applied to the timesheet, it will apply the Level 2 18 years rate:

For a full list of the general employment types available under the HIGA Managed Template please see here.

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding the above including how to implement these changes, please contact our support team via live chat or email (

For further information on the operation and automation of higher duties in Tanda please see here.

For further information on the Tanda Hospitality Industry (General) Award Managed Template please see the Summary.

For further details on this Award please see Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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