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Payroll Configuration: Higher Duties

Configuring Higher Duties on Managed Award

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What are Higher Duties?

Higher duties are paid when an employee performs duties of a classification higher than the employee's ordinary classification.

Tanda Modern Award Templates can facilitate the payment of higher duties, including when junior employees under the Hospitality, Restaurant or Registered Clubs awards perform liquor service duties and must be paid at the adult rates.

How to Set Up Higher Duties in Tanda

To configure Higher Duties on a Tanda Modern Award Template, navigate to Compliance > Award Template > and click Manage next to the applicable Template:

Then navigate to Higher Duties and click Edit:

To start, under the From Level column, click on the green + Add Higher Duties Jump button:

This will then allow you to select a From Level and a To Level for each jump required:

A “jump” refers to a change from one level of the award to another.

Each additional jump will create award rules automatically that calculate the difference between the levels respectively.

You should add a jump for each possible combination of levels that can happen in your business. For example, not every business will have Level 1 staff that can work in a Level 4 capacity.

For example, please see the below jump configure for Level 1 to Level 2:

Once you have configured all the required jumps click Save.

The jumps you have configured will now display in the settings of your Award Template:

If using Tanda Payroll tick the "Apply higher duties via base hourly rates rather than multipliers" option.

Next, navigate to Settings > All Settings > Timesheets > View all timesheet settings > scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings and tick Show an extra dropdown to adjust shift cost (Award tag) and click Update Settings at the bottom:

This will allow for the higher duties tag to be added to the applicable employee's timesheet.

Employee Profile Set Up for Higher Duties

Tanda will automatically add a tag to each employee's profile who matches the jumps you created. You can check this by going to Workforce > Staff > click on an employee's profile > Pay Conditions & Regular Hours > Additional Tags field.

In the below example you can see that the Level 3 Higher Duties shift tag has auto populated on the profile of an employee generally classified as Level 2 once the Level 2 to Level 3 jump was configured:

Application of Higher Duties in Timesheets

Once the employee has been set up with with the applicable higher duties shift tags on their profile, the higher rates can then be applied in timesheets.

When you are approving timesheets, you will simply need to tag the applicable higher duty shift with the appropriate level tag when the employee has worked higher duties.

To do this, click Select Tag in the timesheet:

From the drop down select the applicable higher duties shift tag:

Once it has been applied you will see that the higher rate now applies for the hours worked in the team with the higher duties shift tag:

Paying Juniors at Adult Rates

There are certain modern awards that require junior employees to be paid at adult rates when they perform duties serving liquor.

These modern awards are the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020, the Restaurant Industry Award 2020 and the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2020.

In Tanda these three modern awards are managed as Award Templates. These three Award Templates contain functionality to facilitate the jump from junior rates to the equivalent adult rates.

For information on how to utilise this functional please see:

Important Information for Exporting Higher Duties Rates

If you are a Payroll system that doesn't have a Live integration with Tanda, such as MYOB Desktop, you will need to create new Payroll Categories for the Higher Duties you have created in Tanda.

You can do this in the same way you originally created new Payroll Categories in MYOB to match Tanda, by going to Payroll > Payroll Manager > Manage Award and clicking on Configuration Report.

In this report, you will find the new higher duties Payroll Categories which you can copy and paste as new ones in MYOB.

If you use MYOB Live or Xero, Tanda will automatically create new Pay Items for these jumps.

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