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Integrating Tanda with Lookout digital care management platform

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Lookout is operational software for forward-thinking home and community care providers.

Lookout delivers operational efficiency through three key interfaces:

  • Comprehensive cloud-based administration platform

  • Support worker app

  • Client and loved one’s app

Achieve better care outcomes, schedule care visits, meet compliance needs and streamline daily operations with Lookout.

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Connect Tanda to Lookout to automatically check completed care worker shifts for award compliance before the pay run.

Lookouts integration with Tanda will publish the real-time worker lifecycle of visits, shifts and breaks. Beyond the worker details and their shifts, this includes break verifications and travel allowances (for both provider and client travel!).

Getting started

Generating a Tanda API key

To start with the Lookout and Tanda integration, you'll need to send your Lookout representative an API key generated from Tanda.

To do so, head to https://my.tanda.co/api/oauth/access_tokens and select “new token”.

Lookout will need the following permissions:

  • timesheet

  • user

After the token is generated, copy it and send it to your Lookout representative.

Configuring travel/transport

If you wish client transport and provider travel time to appear on Tanda timesheets as allowances, will need to set up new allowances for use with Lookout.

Allowances can be found in Tanda here.

Create a custom allowance and set the relevant rates for;

  • Provider travel time

  • Provider travel distance

  • Client transport

After doing so, send the IDs to your Lookout representative, who will help you complete the rest of the travel integration. Use the following template to send to your Lookout representative:



Client Transport

Provider Travel time

Provider Travel distance

Tanda Team ID

When Lookout creates new Staff within Tanda, they can automatically be assigned to a Tanda team (Also known as a Location). If a Staff member is assigned a default Team in Tanda, Shifts will sync to that team automatically.

Teams can be configured in Tanda here. Leaving this value blank means no teams will be assigned to new Staff members in Tanda.


After finishing the Tanda configuration and supplying the API Key, your Lookout representative will verify the required settings within Lookout and then enable the integration at an agreed date.

How it works

On checkout, Lookout can publish shifts (ie. collections of visits) to Tanda as a combined block, or it can publish individual visits. When published, Tanda and will create a new timesheet record for the worker.

Publishing options:

Publish visits combined into shifts by Lookout

Lookout will combine your visits into shifts and publish them to Tanda as a whole "shift".

  • If publishing shifts, each new visit checkout within a shift will update the shift in Tanda.

  • Once the final shift of the day has been checked out, the shift on the timesheet will be automatically approved.

  • If unverified breaks or visits are not checked out, the shift will be left in an “unapproved” state.

Publish individual visits

Lookout will publish individual visits to Tanda. Use this option if you wish Tanda to manage shifts entirely.

What is synced

Lookout will send the following information to Tanda, depending on the publishing setting configured with the integration.


Publish visits combined into shifts by Lookout:

  • The start time of the shift

  • The end time of the shift

  • Any provider travel time and distance captured (this will be captured as an allowance)

  • Any client transport distance captured

Publish individual visits:

  • The start time of the visit

  • The end time of the visit

  • Any provider travel time and distance captured (this will be captured as an allowance)

  • Any client transport distance captured


Care Workers (Helpers) within Lookout will be synced across to Tanda when a visit/shift is published, and the care worker does not exist in Tanda as a staff member.

If the Care Worker (Helper) already exists in Tanda as a staff member, their Lookout UUID must be added to their Tanda Payroll ID field to create a link between their profile on Lookout & Tanda. Learn more.

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