Create a checklist

Learn how to create checklists, sections, and items for staff to complete tasks.

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This feature is available for users on the Tanda HR plan.

Add checklist details

To get started, open the Manage Checklists tab through Operations > Checklists. Then, click the + Add Checklist button.

Next, add the following details to your checklist:

  • Name - staff will be able to see this when completing a checklist

  • Location & Teams - only staff part of the specified location/team will be able to see the checklist

  • Due Time - specify when the checklist should be completed by (checklists will be marked as Overdue if not completed by this time)

Once all details have been entered, click the Create button.

Add sections

Once you've added checklist details, group similar tasks together by creating sections. Use the + Add Section button to create one.

Add a Name for the section and click the Create button.

Sections can be dragged into a different order through the button.

Add items

Once you've added sections, items can be added to the checklists. Items are the individual tasks that employees will tick off in the checklist.

To create a new item, click the + Add Item button under the relevant section.

When creating an item, you'll need to include the following details:

  • Name - a short name or description of the item

  • Type - specify how staff will mark this item as complete

  • Occurrence - specify what days this item should be completed

Reference files (such as PDF manuals) and longer descriptions can also be included for each item. Once finalised, click the Create button.

Item types

When creating items, they can be marked as one of either a Task, Photo, Temperature Record, or Scale Record.


Staff complete a Task item by ticking the checkbox. They'll also have the opportunity to leave a comment.


Staff complete a Photo item by uploading an image. They'll also have the opportunity to leave a comment.

Temperature Record

When creating a Temperature Record item, you'll be prompted to enter minimum and maximum temperatures. Staff complete a Temperature Record item by entering a number. If this number falls outside the minimum and maximum range, it will be flagged.

Scale Record

When creating a Scale Record item, you'll be prompted to enter minimum and maximum values. Staff complete a Scale Record item by entering a number.


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