Shift tags

How to enable shift tags, assign them to employee profiles, and apply them to timesheets.

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What are shift tags?

Shift tags are used to adjust the pay conditions for shifts on a timesheet. Allowances or award rules can be linked to a tag to then apply when a shift has the relevant tag selected.

Common uses of shift tags include:

Enable shift tags

To enable shift tags:

  1. Navigate to Settings > All Settings > Timesheets > Show Advanced Settings

  2. Tick the Show an extra dropdown to adjust shift cost (Award Tag) checkbox.

  3. Save the change with the Update Settings button.

Assign shift tags to employees

To apply a shift tag to an employee’s timesheet, ensure the tag is also added to the employee’s profile in the Additional Tags section of the Payroll tab.

Shift tags will not appear as options on timesheets if the tag is not on the employee profile.

Apply shift tags to timesheets

Once the Show an extra dropdown to adjust shift cost setting is enabled and the employee has the tag added to their profile, their timesheets can be tagged.

To apply a shift tag to a timesheet:

  1. Navigate to the relevant timesheet

  2. Click the Select Tag field on the left side of the timesheet entry to display all options for the employee

  3. Choose the relevant tag from the list, and wait a few seconds for the timesheet to re-cost

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Why isn’t a shift tag appearing as an option on the timesheet?

For a shift tag to appear as an option, ensure that the employee has the same tag added to their profile under Payroll > Additional Tags.

Why can’t I click ‘Select Tag’ on the timesheet?

Tags can only be edited on pending timesheets.

To edit shift tags, ensure the timesheet is both Unlocked and the shift is Unapproved.

To edit the shift tag on a timesheet, the user will also require the Configure Others permission enabled in Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Customise access and roles here > Timesheets > Shift for the permission level selecting the shift tag.

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