Under some awards and EBA's, employees are entitled to be paid at a higher rate of pay when performing duties that are classified as higher than their ordinary classification. These are known as higher duties.

In Tanda, you can use teams to automate paying staff the higher rate of pay.

Configuring award rules to pay a higher rate

If you are using a Tanda managed award template, see Payroll Configuration: Higher Duties for steps to configure your higher duties.

If you are using custom award rules, learn about creating your own award rules.

Linking a rate of pay to teams

Before getting started, navigate to Settings > All Settings > View all timesheet settings > Advanced and confirm that you have the feature below enabled.

Next, navigate to Workforce > Teams and click on the team you would like to configure a rate for. Under advanced options, enter the relevant tag.

For example, if employees are paid at the level 3 rate of pay when working in the Duty Manage team, enter the tag 'Level 3 Higher Duties' against that team.

Seeing the rate pull through to the timesheet

For the rate to correctly apply on the timesheet, ensure you have the same tag against the employee profile for everyone who is entitled to be paid the higher rate.

The correct rate will now automatically apply when employees clock into teams with an associated tag configured. The info icon below confirms which tag is applying to the shift.

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