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Staff: Profile page and app settings
Staff: Profile page and app settings
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Configure the Mobile App to suit your preferences in your profile and app settings.

This help guide covers:


Access your app settings and profile by clicking your profile picture or avatar in the top right corner of the app.

On this page, click the Settings tab to adjust your preferences on the app, including:

  • Adjusting the time format

  • Enabling dark mode

  • Changing the language

  • Adjusting the timezone

Adding a profile picture

Staff will have the ability to set and update a profile photo through the profile menu.

Using the 'Edit' option, you can either take a photo or choose one from your gallery.

This profile picture will be visible to other staff members and managers.

To remove a profile picture, select the 'Edit' option in settings, and select the blue 'Update' button without choosing a photo. Your image will be replaced with recent clock-in photos, and will only be visible to managers.

Shift Reminders

Shift reminders allow staff to receive push notifications to remind them of their upcoming shifts.

Multiple reminders can be set through the Settings tab on the profile page. For example, 2 hours before your shift and then 30 minutes before your shift, you'll receive a reminder.

Ensure you've allowed push notifications from the Work app in your device settings.

Add your roster to your personal calendar

See your shifts on your personal calendar by adding your roster. Click the Copy button next to the Calendar Link in the Settings page.

Once you've copied it to your clipboard, add it to your preferred calendar. Learn more about adding a calendar link to your phone's calendar app below:

Updating your personal details

Your organisation may allow you to add or update payroll details, personal details, or more through the app. Learn more about updating this information in the Employee Self Service guide.

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