Managers and Admins can control what type of personal notifications they receive from Tanda by email.

How it works

Tanda sends Managers and Admins operational alerts by email. The types of notifications you can receive are detailed in the table below:

Notification Type


Leave Request Daily Update Emails

Daily updates about Leave and Unavailability requests.

Onboarding Invite Emails for Admins

Sends a notification email when a manager ads a new employee through employee onboarding.

Qualification Expiry Emails

Receive a warning notification 30 days prior to when staff in teams you manage have an expiring qualification. Also sends an alert when a qualification has expired.

Shift Feedback Emails

Weekly summaries containing Shift Feedback from your staff.

Shift Replacement Emails (Urgent)

If staff request a Shift Replacement within 3 days of the schedule start time, receive a notification.

Shift Replacement Weekly Update Emails

Weekly updates about Shift Replacement requests for future shifts.

Scheduled Report Emails

If you have scheduled reports configured, they will send daily.

Shift Acceptance Daily Update Emails

Daily updates about which staff have accepted their shifts. (only applies if using shift acceptance).

Shift Acceptance Roster Change Emails

If a permanent part-time employee declines a schedule, the roster will update and you'll receive a notification. (only applies when using permanent part-time shift acceptance).

How to change your notification settings

To configure your notification settings:

  1. Access Tanda in a web browser at

  2. Navigate to your profile menu and click My Notifications as shown below:

  3. Use the switches to turn on or off each notification type as shown below. Changes will be saved automatically

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