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Export Timesheets and Leave to Pronto.

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This guide will outline how you can export your timesheet and leave into Pronto Payroll.

Currently available via the integration

Timesheet export (via a flat-file in .txt format) - exports worked hours and leave.

Connecting and configuring your integration

Ensure you have connected your payroll system in Tanda. This can be done via Settings > Integrations > Payroll Integrations.

Configuring your timesheet export

Configuring payroll when you are using a Tanda-managed award template.

Navigate to Compliance and click 'Manage' next to your Award Template.

Select 'Get a generic configuration report'

Configure your Pronto payroll codes against each award rule in Tanda.

  1. The name of the rule in Tanda. To ensure you aren't required to create hundreds of pay items in payroll, we group rules with matching multipliers.

  2. Set your primary export name (this is the code of the pay item in Pronto you want these hours sent to. Typically this will be some kind of normal hours).

  3. If applicable, set a secondary export code. This will export the same hours to another payroll code in Pronto. (This is typically your addition code i.e casual loading.

Configuring payroll when you are using your own custom award rules.

Navigate to Compliance > Custom Award Rules and click 'Manage.'

Click on your first award rule and scroll to the bottom of the award rule to step 4 (b).

Refer to the steps above to configure the following fields.

Integrating leave requests and balances:

Leave balances can be imported into Tanda from Pronto using a flat file CSV. More information on this can be found here: Managing Leave Balances

Navigate to Time Off > Leave and click on your first leave type.

  1. In the export name field, you will need to enter the export code from Pronto.

  2. If leave loading is applicable the relevant code from Pronto should be entered into the Secondary Export name field.

Tracking hours against a general ledger code (cost centre)

Tanda exports Payroll cost tracking codes to the general ledger field in Pronto. To set your payroll cost tracking codes in Tanda, navigate to Workforce > Teams and click 'edit' on the relevant team.

Under advanced options, you can enter your payroll cost tracking code.

Pronto supports a general ledger code with a maximum of 25 characters.

Exporting Timesheets from Tanda

Once you've approved all your Timesheets and you're ready to export, go to Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly > click the Preview & Export button:

You'll then go through to the Timesheet Export Preview page. If there are any errors in your Timesheets, this will be flagged so you can fix them before exporting.

When you're ready to export click Export to Payroll Software again within the Preview page:

Upon completion, the timesheet file will be downloaded to your computer. This file can be imported into Pronto.

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