Enable shift ratings

This article details how Shift Ratings can be turned on and where they will appear

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To enable shift ratings, go to Feature Management under your initials in the top right hand corner and ensure that it is turned on.

There are three places that we currently display shift ratings in Tanda.


Timesheets are where managers can manually enter a shift rating for employees. This rating can be applied on an employee by employee and shift by shift basis. A manager simply chooses how many stars out of five.

We also have API functionality that allows customers to send employee ratings and feedback from external third party systems directly into Tanda - removing the need for managers to manually enter this information. Further information can be accessed here: https://my.tanda.co/api/v2/documentation#shift-ratings.

Employee Profile

The employee profile is where we store the employee's rating for each role they perform. This means an employee might have multiple ratings if they can work multiple roles. The rating displayed here is an average of all their ratings in the last three months.


If an employee has a rating for a particular role they're rostered into, we will show that rating on their rostered shift.

Managers can choose whether they want to see shift ratings in their roster or not.

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