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Leave Autofill - Autofill leave requests with correct hours for each employee.
Leave Autofill - Autofill leave requests with correct hours for each employee.

Configure how hours are applied across a leave request

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Leave autofill ensures the correct number of leave hours are entered for each day when an employee applies for leave. Employees only need to enter a start and end date for their leave request and the correct number of hours per day will automatically populate for each day.

Leave can be configured to autofill from any combination of the below sources:

  • The employee's regular hours of work (often called 'contract hours')

  • The employee's published rostered shifts

  • The employee's unpublished rostered shifts

  • The default leave length contained in your account settings

How it works:

You can create a single autofill rule, or create multiple rules. When using multiple rules, Tanda will skip to your next preference if your preferred option isn't available, e.g. if you want leave to autofill based on regular hours of work and none were entered.

Using leave autofill is optional. If you don't configure leave autofill, Tanda will apply the default leave length in your account settings to all leave applications.

The following shows an example of how a leave request is auto-filled using the 'Regular Hours' step.

How to configure leave autofill:

To configure leave autofill:

  1. Navigate to Settings > All Settings > Leave Autofill

  2. Scroll down to "Autofill leave requests", and select applicable staff and autofill preferences. Then click "create autofill configuration" to save the changes

  3. If applicable, you can create additional leave autofill rules for other employees by clicking the "+ New" button

Organizational default:

If an employee has no regular hours and rostered shifts or is not covered by one of the auto-filled rules set above, their leave requests will be filled from the values set in "Default leave hours per full day of leave", unless the "No default leave hours" option is selected.

FAQ's and Troubleshooting

How do I edit or adjust the breakdown of hours of an auto-filled leave request?

To edit the breakdown of hours of an auto-filled request or any leave request in general, please head to Leave > Leave Request. Once you find the leave request in question, please click on -View Request-

Next, navigate to the "Daily Breakdown" Tab.

Or, If you want to have specific times attached to the leave request, please select the edit option on the times of the request

How can I tell how a leave request has been auto-filled?

The timesheet history shows which auto-fill method was used for each leave request. The timesheet history is visible to Admins at the bottom of the timesheets page when viewing timesheets for an individual employee.

In the timesheet history, look for the date of your leave request and how the leave was auto-filled.

Additional Requests will show the autofill method used in the payable hours section.

How can I test leave autofill?

To test the functionality, simply go to Leave > Leave Requests and create a new leave entry for one of your employees. You should then be able to see the leave breakdown of hours autofill.

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