Integrate TOIL/TIL with Xero

How to link your TOIL setup in Tanda with your setup in Xero

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Once you've setup TOIL in Tanda, you can look to integrate this with your setup in Xero.

TOIL set up in Xero

For TOIL, you only need one pay item that will be used for accrual and time taken. This pay item should be a 'Leave' pay item and the only pay item of its name. If you have another pay item of the same name in Earnings or inactive pay items, this can cause duplicates.

To create your Leave Pay item, head to  Settings > Payroll Settings > Pay Items > Leave > Add. When creating the Pay Item, ensure Type of Units is set to 'hours', as Tanda integrates with Xero via Timesheets.

After you've created the Leave Pay Item, you'll need to assign this Leave Type to the applicable employees under Payroll > Employees > Leave > Assign Leave Type. When assigning the Leave Type to an employee, you can set the Leave Calculation Method to 'No Calculation Required' as when TOIL accrues has been setup in Tanda. Here is where you can also enter an opening balance, if relevant.

Export TOIL from Tanda to Xero

When TOIL is exported from Tanda to Xero, TOIL accrued will display on the payslip under 'Accruals' alongside other leave accruals (e.g Annual Leave), and TOIL taken will appear as an approved Leave Request. TOIL is not visible on the timesheet in Xero as this is reserved for hours worked. 

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