Some employment agreements allow time off to be taken instead of being paid overtime. In these scenarios, it's important to record when and how many hours have been accrued, and when accrued time is taken to ensure staff accurately receive their entitlement.

In live systems like Xero and MYOB, these balances are stored with the payroll system, and Tanda will simply display the balance configured within the system. In the absence of a live system, this balance can be setup and recorded within Tanda. 

To set this up in Tanda, you'll need:

  1. A rule to record when time is accrued.

  2. A leave type to record when time accrued is eventually taken.

  3. An opening balance if time has been accrued before being setup in Tanda. 

Rule for Time Accrued

Head to Compliance > Manage Rules to create your rule. 

The conditions for this rule will depend entirely on the business' arrangement with staff (ie. applies after 38 hours worked or just certain shifts). You'll be able to tell if you've set up the sufficient conditions by checking the timesheet to see if the rule is applying.

>> TIP: Ensure the conditions of your TOIL rule match those of the rule you are trying to override. To check this, you can go to an employee profile who should have TOIL apply and click 'Award Rules' on the left navigation. This will show you which days and under which penalty the rule is applying.

Under Outcomes, you will need to:

  • Set the 'What rate is it paid at?' multiplier to x0.

  • Enter the Export name as the name you'll use for when times is taken. These names must match exactly in order for the connection to be made and have the balance accurately fluctuate. 

  • Tick 'Export this time as a TOIL or RDO accrual'.

  • Set the TOIL Accrual rate (the rate at which TOIL applies - this will likely be dependent on which overtime rule you are replacing)

Note: Accrual rates will not be exported to your payroll system. Only the numbers of hours staff have accrued TOIL for will (hour for hour), so these conditions should also be configured in your payroll system with the applicable accrual rates.

Leave Type for Time Taken

Head to Compliance > Manage Leave Types to create the leave type used to record when accrued time is taken. This Leave Type can be setup like your other Leaves. The only exception being that the name has to exactly match the name entered for 'Export Name' in the accrual rule. 


Opening balances can be added by bulk via Leave > Tools > Leave Balances or individually on employee profiles under the Leave drop-down. It's on the profile where can you can see current balances and make manually adjustments if required. 

Generally, balances will increase when shifts with Time Accrued are approved. Balances will lower when request for time taken are approved.

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