Configure public holidays dates

How to apply your public holiday region and add additional public holiday dates.

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This article details how to apply public holiday templates in your Tanda account, and how to add additional public holiday dates.

Tanda includes templates containing the dates of State and Federal public holidays. Public holidays that are determined by your local council government are not included in these templates - you can add your local show day holiday by following the steps below.

Select your public holiday region

If you only have one public holiday region that applies to your business, apply your public holiday region in your general settings by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > All Settings > General > Public holiday regions

  2. Select your public holiday region from the list

Tip: Click show pre-built holidays to expand a list of holiday dates that are pre-built for your public holiday region. If there are any applicable public holidays not listed, it's likely that they are local public holidays - these can be added by following the steps below:

Enter additional public holiday dates

If you have public holidays which are not included in the state or federal templates, such as a public holiday determined by your local council, enter the additional date by following the below steps.

If only one public holiday region applies to your business, enter additional public holiday dates in your organisation settings by navigating to Settings > All Settings > Public holidays > Public holiday dates and selecting additional public holiday dates as shown below:

If you have locations in more than one public holiday region

If your business spans more than one public holiday region, set the public holiday region and any additional public holiday dates for each location by navigating to Workforce > Teams > Edit Location > Advanced Options as shown below:

Note: If a location does not have a public holiday region set, the holiday region from your account general settings will be used, however, if a public holiday region is specified in the location settings for a particular location, Tanda will refer to the location settings for all public holiday dates, including which additional dates are applicable.

How to identify public holidays in Tanda

To identify when a public holiday is applying in Tanda, check for the green icon on the rosters and timesheets. This is a good way to check that your public holiday settings are configured correctly.

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