This article is for you if you're looking to create a new or change an existing pay cycle/ pay group in Tanda.

A pay group is a collection of employee timesheets, grouped by pay period. In most cases, a business will pay all staff under the same cycle (most commonly in a weekly or fortnightly cadence). In this scenario, you only require one pay group, which all accounts are configured with by default.

Create & Configure

To create, edit, and delete pay groups, navigate to

To create a Pay Group, click + New. Enter the Pay Group name, set the frequency and start date. Once complete, click 'Create' to finish the set-up. If you are looking to change the start day or length of your pay group, you will need to create a new one by following these steps.

Currently, we support Pay Group frequencies - Weekly, Fortnightly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly.

Once the pay group has been created, you can add all future timesheets for a specific employee by going to the 'Payroll' tab in their employee profile. Note: This option will only appear if your account has more than one pay group configured.

Tip: You can also use our bulk tagging tool to add multiple staff at once to a new pay group. 

When reassigning employees to a new pay group, Tanda will start adding clock-ins to the new pay group from either: 1) the pay group start date if the date is in the future, or 2) if the pay group start date is in the past, from the point in time that the employee is added to the new pay group.


To delete a pay group, head back to Pay Group Settings.  The delete button lives in the bottom right corner of the configuration page. Note: You can only delete pay groups that don't have any timesheets or employees assigned to it. If this is the case, you can choose to turn off 'Visibility in Tanda' if the pay group is no longer required.

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