Employees may be unable to work for a variety of reasons. In some cases, this time off will need to be recorded on their timesheet and deducted from their entitlements (leave). In other cases, you will just want to keep a note of this time off so you do not accidentally schedule them to work (unavailability). 

Depending on the account settings configured by your Admin, employees may be able to submit time off requests for approval, or requests can be submitted on their behalf by a Manager.

To manage leave and unavailability, head to Time Off > Requests in the navigation bar.


To action a submitted leave request:

  1. Search for or filter to the leave request you would like to action. 

  2. Check details or make edits if required. 

  3. Click Approve to approve the request and notify the employee.

  4. OR click Decline to decline the request and notify the employee.

  5. OR click Tools > Delete to delete the request without notifying the employee.

To create a leave request a leave request:

  1.  Click + New Time Off Request > Leave.

  2. Enter required fields including name, leave type, and hours. Additional details may also be added, including team, times, hours breakdown, reason and an attachment.

  3. Click 'Create and Approve'.


To enter an employee's unavailability:

  1. Click + New Time Off Request > Unavailability.

  2. Enter required fields including name and date. Additional details may also be specified, including frequency, time, and reason.

  3. Click 'Create and Approve'. 

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