Employees may be unable to work for a variety of reasons. In some cases, this time off will need to be recorded on their timesheet and deducted from their entitlements (leave). In other cases, you will just want to keep a note of this time off so you do not accidentally schedule them to work (unavailability). 

Before managers/employees can apply for time off, Admins and Payroll officers can configure what time off can be applied for, by whom, and how these requests should be handled in terms of approval and transferring to payroll. 


To add different categories of leave (e.g Annual Leave, Personal Leave):

  1. Head to Compliance > Leave Types.
  2. Click '+New Leave Type' to create a new category of leave, or click on a leave type to edit that category.
  3. Enter an Export Name to indicate where these hours needs to be sent to in payroll.
  4. Specify what leave can be applied for, by whom, when, how much the leave is worth, and if approval is required.
  5. Create or update leave.

Then, to configure settings for leave, head to Settings > Time-off. Here you can specify:

  • If leave needs to cost on weekends (i.e weekends are considered business days).
  • The default length for a day of leave that help calculate total hours for leave requests, but can be overridden as required.
  • Who receives a notification when a leave request is submitted.


To configure settings for unavailability, head to Settings > Time-off. Here you can specify:

  • Minimum number of days noticed required for unavailability.
  • If approval is required for unavailability.


Can I restrict who can apply for leave and unavailability?
Admins can configure whether or not employees are able to apply for leave and unavailability separately under Settings > Permissions

Can I configure who can approve time off?
Yes. Admins can specify which permission levels are able to approve leave under Settings > Permissions.  

Why is my cost of leave different between Tanda and payroll?
The multiplier on a leave type is to match what you have setup in payroll, but does not control what is setup in payroll. If the cost of leave differs between Tanda and your payroll, please check you have entered the correct multiplier in both systems.

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