When you classify a staff member on a template, Tanda uses their classification and age to calculate their base rate according to the template (i.e according to award for Australian users). 

If you pay a staff member above template, in that they have a higher base rate, you can set this in the Base Hourly rate field in Payroll tab of their profile.

Wages will now be calculated using this new base rate, including all penalties and overtime. 


Should the base rate including Casual Loading?
For templates, casuals have a base rate that does not have loading. Casual loading is added in through award/earnings rules (e.g Casual Weekday rule has a multiplier of 1.25). So when entering a higher base, you would want to exclude casual loading from this figure or loading will be added twice; once in the base rate and once by the rule.

Can I choose when the higher base rate applies (e.g only on weekdays)?
The way templates work is off a base rate and multipliers. If you enter a higher base rate, all multiplier rules will work off this new base rate. So if the higher base rate only applies to certain times, you will need to create custom rules to achieve this. 

Will this manually entered base rate update with template updates?
If you have entered a base rate to override the template, this field will not be automatically updated with template updates. However, if the rate you have entered falls below the templated base rates, you will see a warning on the employee's profile. 

Can I lock down the Base Hourly rate field?
Admins and Payroll Officers can turn on a setting that altogether removes the possibility of someone accidentally entering a base rate that is below minimum on the template. This is enabled under Compliance > Manage (Template) > Edit Template Conditions > Settings.

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