When an employee performs duties that are classified as higher that their ordinary classification, they may need to be paid at the higher classification for the time they are working at that level. This is known as higher duties.

Generally speaking, higher duties are determined on a shift-to-shift basis and would be manually tagged on the timesheet. However, in some scenarios, higher duties may be associated with a team - all shifts worked in that team need to be paid at a higher duty. For example, all Level 1 staff who work at the Bar need to be paid as Level 2. In this scenario, you can automate the application of the "Level 2 Higher Duties" tag through Tanda's Associated Tags feature.

Configure Associated Tags

Before setting up associated tags, ensure you have created/configured higher duties in your account.

Then, to setup Associated Tags, you'll first need to enable the 'Show an extra dropdown to adjust shift cost' option under Settings > Timesheets > Advanced. 

To associate tags with teams, head to Workforce > Teams and select the relevant team. The Associated Tags field will be displayed under advanced options. Simply select the relevant tag/s from the drop-down menu.

With Associated Tags setup, staff who are configured for higher duties and assigned that team for there shift will automatically have the higher duty tag apply to that shift when they clock-in. If the team was not specified before clocking in, the higher duty tag can still be manually applied.

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