Entering Leave through Tanda is recommended through the Tanda Mobile app

This feature can be enabled to work through the Time Clock if need be.

Note: check your software version is up-to-date.

Enable Leave

To enable leave:

1. Ensure you have Employee Portal enabled in your My Tanda account. This is available under Timesheet: General Settings.

2. Passcode into your Time Clock as an admin.
3. Tap on the Settings button

4. Tap on Settings to open the menu

5. Tap on Feature Management 

6. Enable Leave and tap Save 

Enter Leave

Once Leave has been enabled, employees can enter leave through the Time Clock.

1. Passcode into the Time Clock as an employee / admin / anyone
2. Tap on the Settings menu

3. Tap on Enter Leave 

4. Follow the prompts to submit leave

Download the Tanda Mobile app for the best experience.

If you have any questions or problems, contact use through the blue chat bubble or by emailing support@tanda.co

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