Introducing the new Tanda app!
View rosters, enter unavailability and more!
Written by Marissa Quijano
Updated over a week ago

Tanda now has a mobile app, this means your employees have one simple location where they can see exactly when they are working, and let their managers know when they are unavailable or would like to take leave.

What your staff can do with the app?

If you don't currently use the unavailability feature for employees, find out how to turn it on here,

How do I get my staff using the app?

All you need to do is publish your roster to staff using the email method. At the top of their roster email they will see a big banner promoting the app and a button that says "Get the app".  

This will first direct them to create a password for the app and will then take them to the get app page where they can install it on their phones. 

You can also send them a link to the app download page here:

How do my staff login if they don't have an existing Tanda login?

Chances are your staff won't already have a Tanda login (email + password) but thats okay! If they click the "Get the app" button from their roster email they will first be directed to create a password. 

Alternatively if they download the app before creating a password they can do so once installed, all they need to do is click the "I don't know my password" button from the login screen. 

Will you be adding manager features to the app in the future too?

Yes! Along with the employee features we also plan on adding useful features for managers too. In fact, if you are a manager we would love your opinion on what features you would find most useful from a Tanda mobile app, please fill out this  short survey and let us know what you think!

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