Dashboard: Live Time Clock Feed and Who's in Today
See a timeline for staff's attendance and clock-ins for the day
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The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to Tanda and a great way to see what's happening in your business. You can always find your way back here by clicking on Dashboard in the header of your account:

The Dashboard contains mini boards or widgets which contains different information, links or activities to help you get the most of out Tanda. The Live Time Clock Feed and Who's in Today widgets are a great way to quickly see Staff Attendance for the day! 

All users will be able to see both widgets in Tanda, however Team Managers will only be able to see Teams that they are responsible for.

Live Time Clock Feed

When you first open your account, this widget will prompt you to add a Time Clock so it can be populated. Click on the blue plus icon at the top or the Get time clock app button to set up your Time Clock:

You can also use the blue plus icon in the future to add more Time Clocks. 

Once your first employee clocks-in, their data will show in the Feed:

You'll see the employee's name, the name of the Time Clock they used and the time they clocked-in (green denotes a clock-in and orange a clock-out)


  • You can use the search bar to type in an employees name to bring up just their clock-ins for the day

  • You can untick IN or OUT if you just want to see clock-ins or clock-outs

  • You can also filter clock-ins to a specific Time Clock by clicking All Time Clocks in the top right and selecting one one:

To change your selection just click All Time Clocks again and select another Time Clock or All. 

You can also hover over each clock-in to bring up some useful quick links for the employee:

  • Timesheet will take you to the Timesheet for that time period

  • All clock-ins will take you to the employee's clock-in stream, which contains a list of every clock-in made by the employee

If an employee has just clocked-in/out and you're not seeing it here, the Time Clock might be Offline. You can check the widget called Our Time Clocks to see it's status and then use the following article to troubleshoot.

Who's in Today?

Staff that are rostered to work, have clocked in or are on Leave will show in this widget to act as a run-sheet of sorts for Managers. 

It shows staff who are rostered to start, currently clocked-in and when they are rostered to finish, staff who have finished working for the day and staff on Leave:


  • Quick link to the Current Roster next to the heading title. This allows you to quickly make changes to the roster for the day if things change.

  • You can click the All Teams drop-down on the far right to filter this information to specific Teams.

  • Team Managers will only view Teams they are responsible for.

  • You can click on an employee's name to view more information about the shift, including a link to their profile at the bottom and the approximate cost of the shift:

  • Quick link to Timesheets to Approve those shifts that have been completed:

Staff will continue to move status throughout the day, eventually with everyone under Full Shift if they have appropriately clocked out.

Moving Widgets

If you want to move where this widget sits on your Dashboard, hover over the heading until you see the 4-arrows and then click and drag to the new location. Widgets can't be minimised or deleted. 

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