Tanda is able to manage your staff Leave and Unavailability to make creating Rosters easier for you.

Leave and Unavailability can be turned off to staff by your Admin (usually the person who created the Tanda account in your business) so its best to check with them as to the policies for this, but we'll take you through each option below anyway.


If Leave is enabled for staff, they can make a Leave Request through the Employee App and My Tanda.


When staff apply for leave, the Admin for the account (or yourself as Team Manager as well, if your Admin has enabled this in the notifications in Settings) will receive an email. Otherwise you'll see it in your Task Lisk on the Dashboard

Click the link in the email or the Task List to go to Leave in Tanda. The request will show as Pending:

You can edit any of the fields, otherwise to accept click the green Approve button at the bottom. You can also Decline or Delete request (both pending or approved can be deleted/declined) as per the relevant buttons:

Approving the Leave then sends the information to the employee's Timesheet. The employee will also receive an email letting them know it has been approved, similarly if it has been declined they will also be notified.

Deleting the request does not result in any notification, you also cannot bring it back should you do this. You would just need to enter the request again.


Staff can enter unavailability on the Employee App or in My Tanda.

Your Admin may have also set a minimum days notice required for Unavailability. What this means is that if your Admin has set this to 5, staff won't be able to enter an unavailability request if it's within 5 days of the current date. Staff also won't be able to enter unavailability for that week if the roster is locked. An Admin would just need to unlock the roster for it be entered. 


If your Admin has set that you receive Notifications for Leave and Unavailability, you'll receive an Email at 8am every day of any new or updated unavailability entries. This email will also include any updates to leave.

My Tanda

Staff will need to be invited to login to My Tanda, which can be done by a Team Manager or Admin on the account. Have a look at this article if you need assistance on how to do this. 

To view the Time Off Calendar, go to Time Off > Calendar:

To delete an entry, click on it and press Delete

If you roster an employee when they have requested unavailability, a red flag will warn you of this on the shift card. You can still roster them on, it's just a warning: 

Finally, with Unavailability, it's always best to set the expectation with Staff that it's a request, so in some instances first in best dressed applies.

If you need any further assistance, you can check with your Manager first otherwise you can also contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or support@tanda.co 

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