In Tanda, your Staff are located under Workforce > Staff:

Staff listed are those who have been allocated to Teams that you are responsible for:

New Employee

There are a few different methods for adding new staff to Tanda, so it may be best to have a chat with your Manager and agree on the best process.

All options are located by clicking on the green + Add Staff button in the right hand corner:

Employee Onboarding 

With Tanda's Employee Onboarding, you can email the new staff a link to the Employee Onboarding to fill in their details. You can also attach documents or include some questions to get to know the staff better. (You can check our help article regarding employee onboarding for more information)

As soon as you invite them, a profile is created in Tanda so you can assign them to your Team and start rostering them straight away.

Once they've filled in their details, you'll receive notification and their profile will be updated and created in the relevant Payroll system (if this is a supported system). The employee will also receive notification immediately of their Passcode. 

Automatically import

If your business has a Payroll & Accounting program with a Live API connection with Tanda, and the new employee is added to this system first, Tanda will automatically import their details (the system looks for new staff every hour). 

You'll need to check with your Admin whether this has occurred so you don't double up and manually add in the employee to Tanda as well. If the employee has automatically been imported into Tanda, the Admin can assign them to your Team so you can see their profile. 

Add Manually

Fill in the relevant fields and ensure you have allocated them to the relevant Teams:

If the employee also needs to be in a Team that you aren't a Manager for, you'll just need to get the Admin on the account to add this to their profile so other Team Managers can see this employee's profile in their Team. Just ensure the other Team Manager doesn't also add the employee to Tanda or you'll have a double up. 

Adding a staff manually here in Tanda won't be automatically imported to your payroll system - you have to manually add them as well.

Welcome new staff

When you have a new employee, you'll want to send them information about Tanda including their Passcode and how to download the Employee App. 

If you used the Employee Onboarding App this would have automatically gone to them when you sent the App invitation, otherwise you can send out by clicking on the blue envelope next to their Passcode in their Profile:

Or in the Staff page by clicking on Tools > Invite Staff:

Select either Email or SMS at the top and then the relevant staff to send it to. You can also use this function if staff forget their Passcode and want another copy.

Update Staff Details

If you need to update staff contact information, just click on the employee's name in Workforce > Staff to go into their Profile. Click into the relevant field to update the information. If you need to update any Payroll related information, let the Admin on your account know and they will update this on the employee's profile in Tanda. If you have General Manager permission in Tanda, you will be able to see the Payroll tab yourself.

For any changes, just ensure you click the green Update Employee Details button at the bottom to save.

Updating an employee email

Open the employees profile and select 'Unlink Tanda profile' to allowed editing of the email field. After entering the updated email, select 'Update Employee Details' to save your changes:

Select 'Invite to Tanda' to send an invitation email to the updated email address. The user will need to follow the invitation email to set a new password.

Tip: If you ever don't see an 'Unlink Tanda profile' button on an employee profile and instead just see 'Invite to Tanda' this means the user hasn't yet been sent an invitation email or their profile has been unlinked.

Note: Employers can change the email or Time Clock Passcode on an employee profile, however only an employee can set their own password for the mobile app.

Removing Staff

If any of your team members finish up employment, once you or Payroll have finalised their last pay you can remove them in Tanda by clicking Deactivate profile within their Profile. 

If the Employee ever returns, you can reactivate them under:
Workforce > Staff > Tools > Deactivated Staff.

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