Configuring Xero

Before exporting, you just need to ensure you have the following setup in Xero:

  • Your Xero organisation should be activated for Xero Payroll. You can enable Xero Payroll by clicking the Payroll tab in Xero and following the prompts.
  • Your user account must be a Payroll administrator. Go to Settings > General Settings > Users , choose your account, then check the Payroll Admin checkbox:
  • Your employee names in Xero must match your employee names in Tanda. An easy way of checking this is to go to in Tanda to Staff > My Team and clicking on a staff member. Click on their Payroll tab and below Employee ID you should see, Employee name in other systems > Xero: employee’s name:

If you don’t see anything in this section, it means your staff member isn’t linking with the record in Xero.

Try importing your staff again, under Staff > My Team > Import from…Xero and then checking the Payroll tab again.

If this still doesn’t work, check the email addresses matches and the spelling of the staff member’s name.

  • Ensure that you have created a payroll calendar in Xero. You can do this in Settings > Payroll Settings > Payroll Calendars. The calendar should match your Tanda timesheets.
  • Ensure each employee has a payroll calendar and default earnings rate. You can set these up in Payroll > Employees > (choose an employee) > Employment tab:

In Tanda

Once you have approved all your timesheets and configured Tanda for your payroll, you can now export the timesheets to Xero.

In Timesheets click the Export to Payroll link.

You will be taken to the Timesheet Export Preview page. Here any errors on your timesheets will be flagged. You can easily check each timesheet and when you are ready to export click Export Timesheets.

If your Xero connection with Tanda has been disconnected, you may be taken to the login screen to Xero. Choose your organisation and click Authorise.

You will then see a thinking bar showing that the timesheet is being sent to Xero. Depending on how many timesheets you are sending, this can take a minute or so.

Once it has completed you will be taken to the following screen:

You can now go into Xero and go to Payroll > Pay Runs > click on the Draft Pay run.

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