Send to all staff

Once you have imported your staff into Tanda and they have been assigned their 4 digit passcodes, you can then send out their Tanda information to them. On the My Team page click Tools > Send Tanda info to Staff.

Once in here you will see all of your staff members. If they have a ! next to their name, they may have an invalid phone number or email address in their profile which you will have to correct before you can send them their Tanda info. You can take a look at how the email and SMS will be displayed to the staff member by clicking open the Sample Email and Sample SMS.

Send to one staff member

You can send this information to a single staff member in two ways. The first is to follow the steps above and only select a single staff member from the list of options. Alternatively, within their staff profile click on the envelope icon that sits next to the passcode field.

You will be taken to the Send Tanda Info to Staff screen.

Only this staff member will be selected from the list. Click the blue Send Email or Send Text Message button to send out the Passcode.

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