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Configure cost centres & tracking categories for detailed payroll journals
Configure cost centres & tracking categories for detailed payroll journals

Create detailed payroll journals by configuring cost centre / tracking categories for your teams.

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What is a tracking category?

Tracking categories (also referred to as Cost centres) are used by businesses to generate more detailed payroll journals that split wages and other payroll-related expenses by the specific teams(s) employees work across.

Create a tracking category

Before you can assign values to your teams, create a tracking category type by navigating to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Company Setup and select the + Add Tracking Category button.

Note: If you use Xero for accounting, this name should match across both systems. Learn more here.

Assign tracking categories to teams

Once Tracking Categories have been created, navigate to your teams in Tanda under Workforce > Teams and click the Edit icon on the relevant team.

Under the Tanda Payroll Tracking Categories header, enter a value before saving the page.

To bulk update tracking categories via CSV, navigate to Payroll Settings > Import/ Export

View tracking categories on pay runs

Once you’ve created tracking categories and assigned them to the relevant teams, payroll exports will include the fields on payslip lines.

Tracking categories on payroll journals

Tracking categories will appear as a new column on the payroll journal. Wages and super will be split across the relevant tracking categories applied to employee payslips.

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