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Schedule Changes to Employees' Pay Conditions in Bulk
Schedule Changes to Employees' Pay Conditions in Bulk
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Customers who need to change multiple sets of pay conditions at once can use the Employment Conditions Upload to import a CSV file containing the new conditions.

Tip: When configuring an account for the first time, consider using positions to template common user configurations and set these up prior to importing Pay Condition data.

Who Can Access the tool

Currently, this import feature is available to account administrators only, similar to the Positions feature.

Navigating to the Import Tool

  1. Navigate to Workforce.

  2. Select Staff.

  3. Go to Tools.

  4. Click on Manage Employment Conditions.

Exporting Existing Employee Pay Conditions

Clicking Export will produce a CSV file containing the current pay conditions for active employees.

Editing the Pay Condition Data

The exported file can be opened and amended with the necessary changes. Please note the following:

  • Remove Unchanged Staff: Delete any staff that do not require changes from the file.

  • Update the START DATE Column: Ensure the start date is later than the start of the employee's current pay conditions.

  • Valid Staff Only: Do not add details for staff who do not exist. Staff without existing active profiles will fail to import.

  • Position Data Priority: When a position is used, those fields will be filled first. Additional data that clashes with the position will be ignored.

Importing the Pay Condition Data

  1. In the Import CSV section, upload the file.

  2. A loading bar will track the status of the import.

Upon completion, the system will alert you to any errors and their position in the file. In the event of errors, you will have the option to download the failed rows. This download allows you to edit and re-upload only the rows that have not already been imported successfully.

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