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Create and Assign Training Templates
Create and Assign Training Templates

Design your own training templates for your business and start assigning them to your staff.

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This feature is available for users on the Tanda HR plan.


By default, training templates can only be created, edited, and deleted by Admin type roles.

To adjust access for other roles, ensure the relevant permissions have been enabled through Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Customise access and roles here under the HR section.

Access training templates

Once Tanda HR has been enabled and the relevant permissions assigned, training templates can be accessed under the HR > Training > Training Templates button.

Create a training template

Tanda has already provided a templated training scenario in all accounts - 'First day induction' - to get you started. However, you can also design your own custom training template to suit your business.

To get started with a new training template:

  1. Navigate to HR > Training > Training Templates and click the + Create New Training Template button

  2. Add a name

  3. Keep the Active option ticked if it's ready to be used straight away, or untick if it shouldn't be assigned yet

  4. Tick Allow Retry if you'd like staff to be able to attempt training multiple times, or untick if it should only be one attempt

  5. Configure with Positions should receive notifications via email once training is complete

  6. Click the Create button

Add pages

A page is used to separate out different concepts and help organise the training template for your staff. A page will automatically be created when you create your template, however you can create another with the + Add Page button.

Add tasks

A task appears as a checkbox when an employee is completing their training, and is useful when demonstrating any practical or physical skills, such as preparing a coffee or safely operating equipment. You can create a task by clicking the + Add Task button, and specify:

  • The text

  • Whether it's required to be completed

  • Whether it should be completed by the employee or the manager

Add questions

A question appears as a either a multiple choice option, specific text, or free text field when an employee is completing their training.

To create a question:

  1. Click the + Add Question button in the relevant training template

  2. Add the question text in the Name field

  3. Specify whether this question is Required for completion

  4. Select whether it applies to the Employee or Manager

  5. Specify the type of question - either Multiple Choice, Text, or Free Text

    1. If Multiple Choice is selected, add answer options and select which response is correct

    2. If Text is selected, provide the correct answer

  6. Save the question by clicking the Create button

💡 Important to note: For the Text questions, an employee's response must exactly match the correct answer you provide, including spelling and capitalisation.

💡 Important to note: For Free Text questions, staff cannot be correct or incorrect. This question type is useful when there isn't a specific answer, such as having staff confirm processes in their own words

Add references

A reference can include either a file or video link for staff to view as they complete their training.

To add a reference:

  1. Click the + Add Reference button in the relevant training template

  2. (Optional) provide a YouTube video URL

  3. (Optional) upload and attach an image or file

  4. (Optional) provide additional context about the reference with the description field

  5. Save the reference with the Create button

💡 Important to note: Files are restricted to 15MB when uploading references to a training template.

Once all questions, references, and tasks have been added, save your training template with the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Assign training templates to staff

Once you've created your training template and it's been marked as Active, have staff complete it with the Assign button next to the relevant template. Specify which employee needs to complete it and then click the Assign button

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