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Issue a Written Warning
Updated over a week ago

This feature is available for users on the Tanda HR plan.


To issue a written warning, ensure the Create permission is enabled through Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Show Advanced Settings > Customise access & roles here and find the Written Warnings section.

By default, managers can issue written warnings for staff in their teams.

Issuing a written warning

When you need to issue a written warning, navigate to the Written Warnings page under the HR tab.

Written warnings can be issued from the written warnings page. In the top right select “Add Written Warning”.

Selecting the Employee

You will be prompted to select the employee the warning is for and the reason. Select the checkbox to populate the information from the Template.

Required Fields

This will open the create written warning form. To complete the form you will need to provide:

  • The location and Team in which the employee was working

  • The Date of the warning.

  • Warning Reason

  • A description of incident/cause of the warning

Optional Fields

Optionally you can provide

  • Any Corrective actions taken.

  • A relevant document.

Employee Acknowledgment

Written warnings by default will be visible to the employee, Deselect the "visible to employee?” checkbox to create a warning that is not accessible by the employee.


Who receives notifications when written warnings are issued?

When a written warning is issued by a manager a notification email is sent to the employee from when the "visible to employee?” checkbox is selected. They will also receive a push notification via the mobile app.

If a warning is created and then updated later with this checkbox the employee will at this point in time receive the above notifications.

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