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Audits explained

How audits work, common use cases, and how you can start using them

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This feature is available for users on the Tanda HR plan.

What are audits?

Many business conduct audits around the worksite to ensure they're compliant with Workplace Health and Safety laws, industry requirements, and more.

Common audits include:

  • Fire safety compliance

  • First aid procedures and training

  • Food standards regulations

  • Hygiene audits

  • Pool safety certifications

Regulators and certifiers often visit unannounced, so it's important staff are across the requirements and a detailed history of checks is kept.

How do audits work in Tanda?

Each audit you create in Tanda contains pages and questions to help organise content for your team.

  • Audit - specify the name of the audit, which teams can access it, and a description

  • Pages - group similar questions together

  • Questions - add questions, specify the type of answer, add subsequent questions based on an employee's answers and more

Audits can be scheduled to take place on a specific day or started ad-hoc by staff.

Questions can be marked as required or optional, images can be attached, and subsequent questions can be asked depending on the employee's answer.

Once an employee completes the audit on their mobile app, answers are stored for easy reference, download, or follow up if issues have been identified.

How can I access audits?

Checklists are available for accounts with Tanda HR enabled. This module can be enabled through Settings > Feature Management and is available for an additional fee on top of your existing Tanda subscription.

Once enabled, find checklists under the Operations tab in your Tanda account.

Start using audits

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