Asset management explained

How asset management works, common use cases, and how to access the feature.

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This feature is available for users on the Tanda HR plan.

What is Asset Management?

In Tanda, the Asset Management feature allows you to store important information about any equipment, tools, and more in your account. This information can include:

  • Purchase date and details

  • Brand, model, and serial numbers

  • Warranties

  • Repair records

  • Maintenance records

  • Contracts or leases

  • Insurance documents and any other files

Staff can also record when they check in and check out equipment via the mobile app, ensuring you always know where your assets are. Use the detailed history to drive accountability, and share when assets are unavailable with the broader team.

How can I access Asset Management?

This feature is available as part of the HR add-on.

Once enabled, you can find Asset Management under the Operations tab in your account.

What details can I store against an asset?

Each asset can have the following information stored:

  • Relevant location and team

  • Category (e.g. vehicles, computer equipment)

  • Asset name and ID

  • Purchase date

  • Purchase cost

  • Vendor

  • Brand

  • Model

  • Serial number

  • Warranty record

  • Repair record and status

  • Maintenance record and status

  • Contracts or leases

  • Insurance policies

  • Any additional files

When checking assets in and out, staff can also add comments, such as how much petrol is left in the company car, or any damage left to equipment.

When should I use Asset Management?

Any business can use Asset Management to store important information and keep track of where assets are. Common use cases include:

  • Loaning company vehicles to delivery drivers

  • Distributing access cards and collecting at the end of employment

  • Scheduling annual repairs and maintenance to equipment

  • Storing location or machinery leases

  • Attaching manuals and instructions for easy access

  • Reminders to revoke access to IT systems when offboarding staff

Start using asset management

Once the HR add-on has been enabled, start using Asset Management. Check out the guides below to get started:


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