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Paying an employee to multiple bank accounts
Paying an employee to multiple bank accounts

How to automatically split an employees pay across multiple bank accounts. Split by fixed amount or percentage.

Updated over a week ago

Some employees may want their pay split across multiple bank accounts. This article covers how to set this up in Tanda.

Employees can set up their bank account split in the mobile app.

In the mobile app, employees can navigate to their profile in the top right corner.

  1. Click on 'Bank Acct. & Payroll'

  2. Enter the details for every bank account that pay should be split across

  3. The first bank detail will default to paying the Remaining Balance. For each following bank detail, allocate the preferred split.

How will an employee's pay be split?

For employees with more than one bank detail setup, their pay will be split across multiple transaction lines in the ABA file. Learn more about ABA files.

How will the employee's pay be split if there are 3 or more bank details?

  • Any bank accounts with a fixed amount allocated will be used first.

    • If there are multiple bank accounts with a fixed amount, the bank account that was added first will be used first. Bank accounts added last will be used last.

  • If there are remaining funds to be paid, bank accounts with a percentage split will be used next.

    • The percentage calculated will still be off the net payslip amount.

  • If there are remaining funds to be paid, the bank account set up to pay the Remaining Balance will be used.

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