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Manage leave types Payroll Settings

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What is leave?

Under most industry awards, part time and full time employees are entitled to paid time off from work. Depending on the circumstances, this can fall under:

  • Annual Leave

  • Personal/Carers Leave

  • Long Service Leave

  • Compassionate Leave

Certain industry awards may prescribe other leave types and specify employment types eligible for the leave and other entitlements.

Access leave types

Access leave types through Payroll > Config > Leave Types.

Configure leave types Payroll Settings

For each leave type be sure to confirm the current configuration of sections 1-4. Then work though the configuration of of the payroll settings is correct.

  1. Navigate to Config > Leave Types in Tanda

  2. Open each Leave Type and confirm the settings.

  3. Make sure the reporting/payroll settings are correct. These include:

    1. STP type

    2. Accrues leave

    3. Incurs super

    4. Accrues workcover

    5. Incurs payroll tax

Create a leave type

To create leave types be sure to follow the information the steps listed in this guide. The below information relates to setting the reporting details on leave types.

Navigate to Payroll > Config > Leave Types and click the + New Leave Type button.

After creating a new leave type and configuring the application and costing settings, enter the following fields to configure the STP reporting and payroll settings.

Use the tick boxes to confirm if the leave type:

  • Accrues leave

  • Incurs superannuation

  • Incurs workcover

  • Incurs payroll tax

Click the Save Leave Type button once finished to save the new leave type.

Hiding certain leave balances from the payslip

To hide a certain leave balance on employee payslips (i.e. Personal/ Carer's Leave), open the leave type and ensure that in Section 4. Advanced settings that 'Hide leave balance for employee for this leave type' is enabled.

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