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Handling Missed Shifts on Timesheets

How you should handle no-call no-shows and other missed shifts in timesheet views

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When staff miss shifts, it can be easy to get confused on what action you should take on their timesheet. The answer depends on what actually happened.

Did your staff forget to punch-in?

When staff miss shifts, you'll see that the shift still get's created on the timesheet with red boxes around what was missed.

In the event that your staff did work, you can fill in the boxes with what their actual start and finish times were.

Did your staff no-call no show?

If you're staff no-called, no-showed and you'd like to record them as absent, there's nothing you're required to do from here! The shift can remain with the red boxes, and will not be exported to payroll. The shift will be deducted from the staff's attendance reporting. Optionally, if you place a time in one of the boxes and then remove it, you can leave a comment so other users know it's a no call no show.

At the end of a period, a missed shift does not get exported to payroll, and does not change the status of a timesheet to pending. Example below.

Timesheet with a no-call no-show:

And the timesheet still ready for exporting:

Did you call off the staff and want to remove the shift all together?

The system will not inherently know you ended up not needing the staff unless you tell it. The way you would do so, would be to remove the shift from the schedule, and publish the update. Notice that when Carter Li's missed shift is removed from the schedule, then the missed shift also is removed from the timesheet.

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