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Sync sales data from Epos Now into your Tanda/Workforce.com account via API

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The integration between Workforce.com/Tanda and Epos Now is managed in the Epos Now back office

How it works

  • Epos Now imports sales data into Workforce.com/Tanda daily

  • Imported data is broken down into separate data streams based on location

  • Demand data provides useful insights for scheduling, forecasting, reporting and supporting data driven decisions for frontline managers.

Connecting the integration in the Epos Now back office

To enable the integration within your Epos Now back office you will need to follow the steps provided by Epos Now here.

  1. Within Epos Now, authorise Epos Now to access your Workforce.com/Tanda account.

  2. Within Epos Now, map your Epos Now locations - these will be your Workforce.com/Tanda data streams.

Connecting your Datastreams

Once your Workforce.com/Tanda account is integrated with Epos Now, a Datastream will be created per location. You will want to make sure every Datastream is connected to the right location within Workforce.com/Tanda. To do this go to:

Settings > Integrations > Manage Datastreams > select any datastream

A window will open containing a drop-down menu, where you can select your organisation and the location the selected Datastream will be linked to:

Save these changes and proceed to do the same with all Datastreams currently available.

You can now compare within Workforce.com/Tanda, your projected and generated revenue with the planned and actual attendance and schedule your future rotas basing yourself on hard data and recorded experience.

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