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Share notes against a rostered shift with employees
Share notes against a rostered shift with employees

Share notes and special instructions against a rostered shift with employees

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You can write notes and store other information against a rostered shift using custom fields. Common examples of custom fields you can add to a rostered shift include:

  • Notes (that are shared with employees to provide more context to their shift)

Creating custom fields

Navigate to Settings > Platform > Customise native objects and select the object you want to create custom fields for. In this example, we'll choose Schedule.

Required information

  1. Set a name for the field

  2. Set the field type. In this example, we'll select 'Text.' To store longer messages, you can select 'Long Text.'

  3. Select permissions for who you want the field to be visible to, and who you want to be able to edit the field

Entering a note against a rostered shift

Viewing custom fields in the app

Employees will be able to click on a rostered shift in the mobile app and view any additional Details. In the example below, we can see the 'Notes' field created above.

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