Bulk update pay rates

Quickly update multiple employees' pay rates

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At the start of new financial years, after annual reviews, or for anything else that requires updating multiple pay rates, simplify the process by making changes in bulk.

Note: Before updating and/or changing the employee rates, make sure to lock the historical timesheet data to ensure that the pay rate changes would not reflect on the previous timesheets. We also strongly recommend making the pay rate change at the start of the pay period.

Updating pay rates via CSV importing

Step 1: Export current data

Under Workforce > Staff, select the Tools drop down near the top right corner of the page. Hover over the Export... option and select Employee data (CSV). A CSV file of all your active employees' information will begin downloading.

Step 2: Make changes in the CSV file

Once the Employee data (CSV) file has finished downloading, open the document. The fields that will need updating are under the SALARY and HOURLY RATE columns.

When formatting the changes, do not use any values other than numbers and decimal points.

After making the required changes, Save the updated document as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

Step 3: Import the updated CSV file

Under Workforce > Staff, select the green + Add Staff button in the top right corner. Next to the Import bulk staff option, select Excel (CSV) from the Import from... drop down menu.

You'll be navigated to the Import Staff into Tanda page, where you can choose the updated CSV file from your device or drag the file directly into the box.

Step 4: Selecting your configuration

Once you've uploaded your updated data into Tanda, you'll need to configure where information in the CSV file will be imported into staff profiles.

Firstly, select New Configuration from the drop down menu and tick the First row is a header row option so the information headings aren't imported to profiles.

Then, you'll want to map the relevant sections for each data row to import to. When only salaries or base hourly rates are being updated, map the below values:


Imported into...




Annual Salary


Base Hourly Rate

Change all other fields to --Don't Import-- so no other data is updated. The red outlines in the screenshot below show the fields that require input.

Step 5: Name and import data

After mapping the relevant data, you can choose to name the import for future reference, or leave it unnamed.

Finally, select the green Import button, and staff pay rates will begin updating.

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