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JobAdder Integration

Once a candidate is placed, automatically send them an employee onboarding invitation from Tanda.

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JobAdder integrates with Tanda through Zapier. To use the integration you will require a Zapier account.

What does this integration do?

This integration will automatically send an employee onboarding email to any candidate placed in JobAdder.

How to connect

1. Creating a Zapier account

Tanda’s Integration with JobAdder is built using Zapier. To set it up, ensure you create an account at

2. ‘Try the Zap’

Click here to get access to the integration.

3. Link to JobAdder

Now that you have the Zap, you will need to link your JobAdder account.

For both steps 1. 'Candidate Placed' and 2. 'Retrieve Candidate Information' Sign in to JobAdder.

4. Link to Tanda

To link to Tanda, you will need to generate an API token. To do this, navigate to and click ‘New Token’ at the top right.

You will be presented with a list of items this token can access, for the JobAdder integration all you will need is the ‘user’ item.

When saved you will be given a token that looks something like the below:

‘Copy’ this token, reopen Zapier and select 3. 'Trigger Onboarding Invitation in Tanda'.

At the bottom of this step, you will see a section called 'Headers'. Replance '[API TOKEN]' with the code you copied and click continue.

5. Turn Your Zap On!

Finally, at the top right, switch your zap on and you’re done. Any new candidates placed in JobAdder will be automatically be created in Tanda and sent an onboarding invitation.

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