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Integrating with Kidsoft CCMS

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Kidsoft is a cloud-based child care management system (CCMS) that integrates with Tanda to allow you to easily roster to your educator-to-child ratios.

To learn more, visit their website.

Integrating Kidsoft with Tanda

To connect the systems, contact the Kidsoft team and request for your account to be linked to Tanda. The Kidsoft team will request that you provide them with an API Token.

These tokens are also known as 'keys' because they allow the user to access information in your Tanda account. Because of this, it is important to keep your tokens secret.

To create a token as an account admin, navigate to the developer tools > access tokens and click 'Create my first token'. You will see a list of items that you can give the token access to. For the Kidsoft integration, you will only require 'datastreams'.

Click save and you will be presented with your token. Click copy and provide this to the Kidsoft team.

Linking Data to Rosters

Once the Kidsoft team has connected the systems, in Tanda, navigate Settings > Integrations > Manage Datastreams.

You should see a number of data streams have been created:

Each datastream should contain the number of children per age group in a specific room.

Naming format: Centre Name - Room Name - Age Bracket (Example: Windsor Centre - Echidna's Room - 0-24 Months).

To link this information to rosters, select a datastream and connect it to the relevant team in Tanda. See the video below:

Each team in Tanda will have three datastreams that should be linked to it (0-24 Months, 24-36 Months, Over 36 Months). These datastreams indicate age brackets and are important to link if you have mixed age brackets in a room. Best practice is to link all three to the relevant team.

*NOTE: Tanda does not calculate "under the roof" ratios for the service.

Bookings vs. Actuals

There are two types of data that you can roster to in Tanda that can be selected when joining your datastreams to teams.


Bookings are typically used for rostering as this will indicate the number of children booked into future sessions.


Actuals represent the actual attendances of children. This can be used to roster based on historic trends (e.g. for the last 3 Mondays, 6am-7am it has been quieter than what has been booked)

These data types can be changed at any time under Settings > Integrations > Manage Datastreams.

Rostering with educator-to-child ratios

Navigate to Rosters and select the day view at the top of rosters

On the left-hand side of your roster select Cognitive > Predict Demand.

If you are using bookings data and there are already dates selected in your list, click remove all, then 'select a date' and select the day you are currently looking at. See Video Below:

If you are using 'actuals' you can use the pre-selected dates, or select your own.

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