Vita Mojo Integration

Instructions on how to integrate with POS software, Vita Mojo.

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Sync demand data from Vita Mojo into your Tanda/Workforce account. Demand data provides useful insights for rostering, forecasting and supporting data driven decisions for frontline managers.

Note: To authenticate the integration between the two systems, users will be required to provide an 'Authorization Token'. Authorization Token's are supplied from Vita Mojo, so please contact your representative at Vita Mojo if you require assistance obtaining this.

Follow the instructions below to integrate your Vita Mojo account with Workforce/Tanda.

Integrate with Vita Mojo

Go to: Settings > Integrations

Then Demand Data Integrations:

Choose 'Vita Mojo' from the available list of integrations:

Enter details related to the Integration:

Basic Information (optional)

Custom Name: Recognisable name to be displayed on Workforce

Legal Name: Your organisations Legal Name

Trading Name: Your organisations Trading Name

Address: Organisations address

Vita Mojo Settings (required)

Auth token: The token required to authorize the integration between the two systems. Please speak to your representative at Vita Mojo to obtain the token.

Applies to

Choose who the integration applies to.

Upon pressing the green 'Save' button, data will start flowing into your account from VIta Mojo shortly. Workforce will automatically create data streams and begin to sync this data every 15 minutes.

Disconnecting the integration

To disconnect the integration, go to Settings > Integrations > Demand Data > "Vita Mojo".

Click the “Disconnect Vita Mojo” button on the right

Click “Disconnect Integration” on the bottom right


No data is coming through from Vita Mojo?

We suggest reaching out to Vita Mojo to ensure the Authorization Token is correct. If you're still having difficulties please reach out to our Support team.

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