Tenzo Integration

Instructions on how to integrate with restaurant analytics software, Tenzo.

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Sync demand data from Tenzo into your Tanda/Workforce account. Demand data provides useful insights for rostering, forecasting and supporting data driven decisions for frontline managers.

Follow the instructions below to integrate your Tenzo account with Workforce/Tanda.

Interested in learning more about Tenzo? Check out how Tenzo + Tanda work together to provide powerful and meaningful insights for organisations, globally.

Integrate with Tenzo

Go to: Settings > Integrations

Then POS Integrations:

Press the + New POS integration button in the top right:

Search for 'Tenzo' from the available list of integrations:

Click the green 'Connect to Tenzo' button. A page will pop up asking you to log into your Tenzo account:

Authorize the application by clicking the blue “Authorize” button:

Data streams will be created in Tanda and sales data will begin to sync every 15 minutes from Tenzo! Head this guide to complete configuring your datastreams to connect correctly to your locations and teams in Tanda.

Disconnecting the integration

To disconnect the integration, go to Settings > Integrations > POS Integrations > "Tenzo".

Click the “Edit Integration” button on the Tenzo tile:

Click “Delete Integration” on the bottom right to complete the step:

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