This feature is useful if you want to allow employees to acknowledge their worked hours and request changes to their timesheet. These employee comments will be flagged with their direct manager for consideration.

Note: Employee timesheet approval is not required to export timesheets. Employees will only be able to approve timesheets once their manager has approved their hours.

Enabling employee acknowledgements

To enable this feature go to Settings > Feature Management. You will be able to select the employment types that you would like to allow shift acknowledgement for. Note: You must select an employment type for the feature to be enabled.

For Administrators: Reviewing employee acknowledgements

As an administrator, you have access to reports that can help you find any timesheets that have not been acknowledged, or have an amendment request. To enable these reports, follow these steps:

Go to the reports tab > BI Reporting

Click the "Add Built-in report" button in the top right

Select the Timesheet Acknowledgment reports.

Note: if you are an administrator of a partner account, these reports are under the "Compliance Report" tab.

The reports will then be available under Reports > Anomaly Detection

For Managers: Reviewing employee acknowledgements

The acceptance status filter on your weekly, fortnightly, or monthly timesheets can be used to highlight any timesheets that have had changes requested or are not yet signed

For employees: Approving timesheet and requesting changes

Once the manager has approved an employees worked hours, the employee will be able to approve timesheets in the mobile app.

Checking 'Don't show me this confirmation screen again' will allow employees to quickly approve all future timesheets from the timesheet summary page.

If an employee requests changes, they will be asked to leave a comment. This will be added as a timesheet comment for managers to review. Managers will receive an email when an employee requests a change to their timesheet.

Managers will access timesheet comments via the desktop version of Tanda.


Do employees have to approve individual shifts?

Employees will be signing off on their entire timesheet for the payroll period.

What happens when a manager makes an update to a timesheet that an employee has approved?

The 'Approve Timesheet' button will reappear in the mobile app, prompting employees to re-approve the latest timesheet update.

Are employees prompted to approve their timesheets?

When a manager approves all shifts on their timesheet, a push notification will be sent to the employee to prompt them to accept their worked hours. If they approve a timesheet or request changes, and then a manager changes the timesheet and re-approves, they'll be sent a new notification to review the timesheet again.

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