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Why change our roster view?

The decision to update our roster view was driven by our customers.

Over time Tanda has become more powerful in helping our customers achieve their business goals, and this has led to our customers asking for even more out of Tanda rosters.

At the same time industry compliance requirements have tightened and our customers requirements have become more complex.

In developing our new roster view we called out for feedback. Customers were excited by the new features, but also wanted to be sure they had access to the same tools they have now. We’ve put a great deal of effort into ensuring the new roster view has the functionality of the previous view.

While the new roster view has all of the old functionality, we’ve also added more powerful features, like:

  • More alerts to make compliance easier

  • Additional reports and stats to help drive efficient rosters

  • New tools to build rosters faster

Since we released this view in 2019 over half our clients have already chosen to use the new roster view.

The success and the quality of our product is the result of our continuous pursuit to produce superior software. To continue this pursuit, we have to commit to one roster view and make it the best.

We’ve made this guide to help you get to know the new roster view, and we’ve also made this video. We encourage you to share these resources with your team.

The week view doesn't look the same as classic! How can I fix it?

Watch the video

In legacy rosters, the week view looks like this

In our new rosters, it is possible to see multiple weeks at a time so we don't have a "week" view. Instead, we have "stacked view", which you can use like so.

How do I see a specific day on my roster?

In legacy rosters, we have "day" view, which looks like this.

In our new rosters, because we can view a day, a week, or multiple weeks this is done a little bit differently. You can either click on a day like the below example.

Or, you can switch the roster into day view like this.

How do I use templates on New Rosters?

In legacy rosters, templates are available in the top navbar

In our new rosters, it is available in top nav bar, see below.

It is also available in the sidebar under "Quick Build".

We have another article that explains how to use templates, as well as shift patterns and other new features!

Will my templates work on new rosters?

Yes, they do!

How do I print with new rosters?

In our legacy rosters, you can print using the button at the top of the page

In our new rosters, there's two methods. One is to press Ctrl+P, or you click the print icon next to the "Publish" button.

How do I copy a roster?

In our legacy rosters, you could copy a roster from week to week.

To copy shifts, click the icon in the top bar, and then click on "Copy Shifts". Then select the date range & shifts to copy.

How do I configure New Rosters Stats?

In our legacy rosters product there are stats for sales data, hours in a roster, and how much a roster costs displayed in the navbar.

The new rostering product displays this data in the sidebar.

The new rosters product allows you to configure which stats you would like to see on rosters. This has more stats than our classic roster does!

How do I add sales or custom demand data?

In our old rosters product, you could click on the sales field and input data

This feature is available in our new rostering product under "Tools" > "Demand Predictions"

Check out another article that explains how to further configure your roster.

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